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E1000 Series – Specializing in HVAC- 20/04/2022

I. Overview The Yaskawa E1000 inverter is the ultimate solution for Fan and Pump applications. The E1000 offers simplicity, high reliability, and reduced investment costs for variable torque load applications with capacities up to 1000 HP. Dedicated features, energy savings, and industrial communication networking make the Yaskawa E1000 inverter an excellent choice for industrial fans […]

Cause of servo motor error wrong position distance- 20/04/2022

Signs of servo motor running in the wrong position: The servo motor runs in position to control the cutter or printing mold used in cutting machines and printers, when the error is running in the wrong position, it will run out of uneven products or the wrong size set. Servo motors mounted on some types […]

Some popular air compressors and controllers on the market- 20/04/2022

I. Some air compressors:   1. Hitachi screw compressors: With advantages such as diverse models to suit all needs, high working efficiency, energy saving and low operating costs… Hitachi becomes the No. 1 air compressor company in Japan.     2. Kobelco screw air compressor: Kobelco is a Japanese screw compressor company, belonging to Kobelco […]

Control solutions and power saving problems when installing inverters for air compressors- 20/04/2022

I. Cases where customers should install inverters for air compressors: The customer’s productivity of compressed air is not continuous. The need to adjust the outlet pressure to match the needs of use. Customers need to install to protect against pressure shock, protect mechanical details. Energy saving (Depends on many factors). II. Parameters to pay attention […]

Overview of motors and applications- 06/04/2022

I. Engine classification     1. DC motor   Brushless: is a brushless motor hybrid between a 3-phase motor and a DC motor. Have a permanent magnet rotor or stator, whose coils are supplied with 120 degrees out of phase DC current per coil. Has small capacity high speed. There is a controller (dedicated ESC). […]