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Danfoss inverter

Yaskawa inverter

Nidec inverters (Control Techniques)

FC-360HK37T4 – 134F2970

3P (380-480VAC); 0.37kW; IP20; Chưa bao gồm màn hình

FC-360HK75T4 – 134F2972

0.75kW; 3P (380-480VAC); IP20

FC-360H1K1T4 – 134F2973

1.1kW; 3P (380-480VAC); IP20

FC-051PK75T4 – 132F0018

3P (380-480VAC); 0.75kW; Screen not included

FC-051P1K5T4 – 132F0020

3P (380-480VAC); 1.5kW; Screen not included


0.4/0.75kW; 3 pha, 200V, 50/60 Hz; IP 20


5.5/7.5kW; 3 pha, 400V, 50/60 Hz; IP 20


0.75/1.1kW; 3 pha, 200V, 50/60 Hz; IP 20


18.5kW; 3 pha, 400V, 50/60 Hz; IP 20


0.75/1.5kW; 3 pha, 400V, 50/60 Hz; IP 20


0.75/1.1 kW; 1P - 220VAC; Warranty: 5 years

Effective solution

Song Nguyen always strives to bring energy-saving solutions, automation solutions, self-study or cooperate with experts.

Development cooperation

Song Nguyen Company cooperates with many prestigious brands such as: YASKAWA, DANFOSS, NIDEC, OULU...

Best cost

In the spirit of cooperation for mutual development, we provide products at a reasonable cost suitable for factory, commercial, service customers in the region or other provinces across the country.

Convenient payment

Providing flexible payment policies including many forms: cash, transfer, debt or deferred payment policy (BOT) to help customers feel secure about investment efficiency and warranty responsibility for projects. save energy or improve productivity.

Strategic partnership

"The world is run on principles that if you follow them, then whoever you are, you have a place"

Professor Phan Van Truong


E1000 Series – Specializing in HVAC

I. Overview The Yaskawa E1000 inverter is the ultimate solution for Fan and Pump applications. The E1000 offers simplicity, high reliability, and reduced investment costs for variable torque load applications with capacities up to 1000 HP. Dedicated features, energy savings, and industrial communication networking make the Yaskawa E1000 inverter an excellent choice for industrial fans […]