Servo Yaskawa

Highlights of Sigma-7

– 3.1kHz frequency response, nearly double the bandwidth of Sigma-5 systems that have set the industry standard for performance.

– New control functions: vibration reduction, anti-resonance compensation, friction torque compensation and signal ripple compensation improve machine speed, accuracy and smoothness.

– Improved control mode with an inertia ratio up to 30:1 for increased stability in case of continuously changing loads.

– 24 bit absolute encoder resolution for 16 times better resolution

compared to the Sigma-5 series.

– Dual servo drivers help save space, reduce the size of electrical cabinets.

Motor size reduced by up to 20%, for better efficiency and easier installation.

– Gearbox comes with 5 different sizes and 6 gear ratios.

Complete compatibility with Sigma-5 series. Installation dimensions are interchangeable, parameters can be easily converted to Sigma-7 with SigmaWin+ software.

– Built-in MECHATROLINK-III, EtherCAT and analog interfaces.

– Built-in safety features according to IEC 61508, Safe Torque Off SIL 3 in dual Sigma-7 Drivers.

– New temperature sensor on servo motor and SERVOPACK directly monitor motor temperature.

– Operation in higher temperature environments (60oC ambient), at higher altitudes (>2,000 meters) or in harsh engine environments (IP67 rating)

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